Terms and Conditions of sale

Walkway of Honour Plaques

  • Cobb+Co Museum is part of the Queensland Museum network. All fundraising activity for the Queensland Museum is conducted by the Queensland Museum Foundation (Foundation), ABN 71 409 081 264.
  • For a fee of $250 and while places are available individuals, corporations, organisations (or similar) will receive a personalised plaque displayed in the Walkway of Honour at Cobb+Co Museum planned for the National Carriage Factory development.
  • Donor plaques measure 30cm long and 19cm high and can contain up to 18 words of acknowledgement text across two lines. Purchasers cannot pay to have additional text added. Abbreviations count as words and are to be avoided.
  • Acknowledgement text will be aligned to the bottom left of the plaque. All text will be white, in Myriad Pro typeface at 21 point size. Correct punctuation, grammar and the use of italics, bold and capital letters will be applied at the discretion of the Foundation. Images, including photographs and logos, are not permitted on the donor plaque/s.
  • Acknowledgement text can commemorate either a company, family or individual name or names. Acknowledgement text must be in keeping with the tone and intent of the Walkway of Honour which is a major display within the Cobb+Co Museum. Text will be checked for derogatory language, phrases and suitability. Abbreviations and unnecessary adjectives are to be avoided and use of the words lovingly, loved, affectionate, affectionately and memorial are not permitted. The Foundation will approve all plaque text, and suggest alterations if required. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse plaque text if deemed inappropriate for any reason. Funds will be returned to the purchaser if agreement on the acknowledgement text cannot be reached.
  • If there is no obvious connection between the purchaser and the preferred acknowledgement text, the Foundation may ask the purchaser to provide clarification or evidence of their relationship/association with the acknowledgement text. If evidence is not provided when requested, a plaque will not be issued and the Foundation will return the funds to the purchaser.
  • Purchasers failing to confirm their plaque text by the nominated due date will be acknowledged at the discretion of the Foundation.
  • The Walkway of Honour will contain a limited number of plaques. Plaques will be placed at the discretion of the Cobb+Co Museum. No requests regarding donor plaque placement or colour preference will be considered and neither Cobb+Co Museum nor the Foundation will keep a note of each individual plaque location. Once placed, donor plaques must not be altered in any way, whether this is by pen, marker, paint etc. and the Cobb+Co Museum reserves the right to take appropriate action should this occur. Once a plaque is installed it cannot be removed or altered, however Cobb+Co Museum has the right to relocate plaques to an alternative site if needed to accommodate future displays.
  • The Walkway of Honour will be updated with new plaques at the discretion of the Cobb+Co Museum.

Staff at the Queensland Museum Foundation are proud members of the
Fundraising Institute of Australia, the peak body for fundraising in Australia.