Feature Artisan traded medical career for a creative life

21 May 2015

Cobb+Co Museum Shop’s upcoming Feature Artisan had an epiphany four years ago and made the decision to completely change her direction in life.

After over a decade in a successful medical career, Dyani Evans quit her job to make her own stationery through her Little Deer Studio.

“I have always been a creative person, but for various reasons, chose to study science and medicine”, Dyani said.

“I worked as a doctor for 11 years, but always felt as though something was missing – after a lot of soul-searching I finally worked up the courage to follow my artistic dreams.”

Through Little Deer Studio, Dyani uses a combination of papermaking and bookbinding techniques to create a range of ecofriendly journals, notebooks, and other stationery items.

“I love working with handmade paper, the rawness of it, the earthy feel and the smell of it, and the fact that no two pieces are exactly alike”, Dyani said.

“I also love the fact that being able to make my own paper means very little is wasted, as most of the offcuts from my projects are recycled back into new sheets of paper!”

In fact, Dyani’s passion for creating environmentally-friendly products is at the heart of her work, from sourcing ethically produced materials, to shunning leather, and using hemp thread to stitch her books.

“I don’t just want my products to look good, I want people to be able to feel good about buying them”, Dyani said.

“I love being able to share my work with others, but really my books and stationery are just a blank canvas. It’s the way people use them – the stories and sketches that fill their pages – that bring them to life and give them soul”.

Dyani Evan’s ecofriendly stationery will be available to purchase in the Cobb+Co Museum Shop from Saturday 23 May to Friday 19 June. Dyani will be onsite with paper and book making demonstrations on Saturday 6 June from 11am to 2pm.

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