Beat your own drum at Cobb+Co Museum

26 June 2015

Cobb+Co Museum is offering teenagers a chance to build and beat their own drum during their first ever Cajon Drum Teen Workshop these school holidays.

Originating in Peru during the 16th Century, a Cajon drum is a simple box drum made from plywood and translates to meaning box or drawer in Spanish.

Cobb+Co Museum’s Wendy Green said they initiated the workshop to enable young people to experience the thrill of creating something beautiful from raw materials with their own hands.

“We’ve engaged two energetic local musicians, Nye and Abe Stewart, from folk-rock-jazz band, TiMBAH, to run the event,” said Wendy.

“Abe learnt how to build and play the Cajon while travelling through South America and has played percussion instruments for 15 years.”

The brothers have just returned from a trip to Mornington Island with their father, Graham Stewart from Wahoo Business, where they helped 90 young people build Cajons.

“They all completed their instrument and then played in a drumming circle at the end of the week,” said Graham, a high school teacher and Engineer, who has run numerous workshops in remote communities cross the state with his sons.

“People love rhythm and the opportunity to construct their own instrument and to play in a group is a real treat to be a part of. Young people everywhere relish the opportunity to learn, to achieve, to make things, to play music, to work in teams, to solve problems and grow. And, if they are not, than what are we doing wrong?”

Graham says it typically takes three hours to build and learn how to play a Cajon.

“Teenagers have rated our workshops 10 out of 5 for fun, interest and success, and they often surprise themselves with what they achieve, what they complete and the skills they have hiding in the corners of their abilities,” said Graham.

Graham said drumming is rarely surpassed for building hand eye co-ordination, building connections between the left and right sides of the brain and improving muscle memory.

“All eventually recognise the impact drumming has on them as individuals, as group performers, and as a brain exerciser, physical workout and to build concentration and focus. Some catch on quicker than others, but each at their own pace is fine.”

Graham draws on a vast array of industry professionals to run various workshops through his business.

“We noticed that there is a great need for creative education concepts and programs that inspire creativity and innovation while having fun,” explained Graham.

The Cajon Drum Teen Workshop will be held at the Cobb+Co Museum on Thursday 2 July 2015 from 9am-12pm. Cost is $75 and bookings are essential. For musically inspired adults, the Stewart brothers are holding a weekend Ukulele Workshop on 4-5 July.

Spectators are welcome.

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