Discover 150 years of Queensland railways at Cobb+Co Museum

24 June 2015

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of rail in Queensland, Cobb+Co Museum’s Curator Conversation presents some of the lesser known stories of life on the track on Wednesday 1 July, 2pm.

The opening of the first Queensland rail line on 31 July 1865, between Ipswich and Bigge’s Camp (later renamed Grandchester), was a significant event in our region’s history, explains Curator Conversation guest presenter Dr Geraldine Mate.

“Being able to quickly and easily move people and goods around the State had a profound impact on people’s lives and livelihoods”, said Dr Mate.

Dr Geraldine Mate is the Queensland Museum’s Senior Curator of Transport and Energy, based at The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich. She has a particular interest in the social influences at play in the adaption and selection of technology. 

“It is this human dimension to the development of rail, the subsequent social and economic impact of this technology on communities, that really interests me.

“In my talk I will share some of the lesser known stories of Queensland’s rail history and how it changed the lives of everyday people.”

Curator Conversation: 150 Years of Life on the Track with Dr Geraldine Mate is on Wednesday 1 July at 2pm. For more information, contact Cobb+Co Museum on 4659 4900 or visit

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